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Overcooked, Kung Fu Test Fight & HELL MONTH!

This week on Whatever Wednesday, Joey, Steph, Angela, and Timmy are playing Overcooked! The team is out in the world honing their culinary skills to save the world from the meatball menace! This game is sure to give you headaches and anger issues, but definitely a whole lot of FUN! The group's coordination and patience were put to the test, but so far they're holding strong. Check out the first episode below!

So while Sifu Brian Kuttel was down, we thought it be a fantastic opportunity to have our good friend Sifu Sharif visit, too. What do you get when you have three Kung Fu stylists in the same area? A dope ass kung fu fight scene! Check it out as Sifu Brian and Joey face off with Sifu Sharif. Those two are definitely brave to fight a man that most would break their fist hitting!

Last minute preparations before we go into this web-series HARDCORE! We are going to be filming every day for a full month with call times at 4 am every day. WE ALMOST DIED. Also, this is a LONG ONE, fam. We really wanna show you how much work we put into productions like this, even if some people just think it's *just* Youtube. Be proud of your work and give it your all! Please support our Indiegogo to finish our series!

Ballin' (Dunk Nation), Hire DL & Pre-Production Problems!

We're back again on Whatever Wednesday with episode 5 of our Dunk Nation ladder team play series! PGFaizu, DJFliphop, MiggyMigz on the courts ready to take a win! Even with the random freezing or game crashes, it doesn't stop the ASDO Dream Team. Check it out in the video below! 

Get the game here:



Dn3x3 website:


Well, there are reasons why you don't take people's food without asking... nor do you want to take Intern's food without asking. Guess DL had to learn the hard way! While DL was here, a production asked him if he had anything that resembled old silent film type of slapstick humor. He didn't so we decided to put one up together! DL is a fantastic stuntman and actor, and we are so thankful to have worked with him. Check out DL below and visiting his stunt teams page (! 

Hey, guys! It's Hey Pham Friday! Wanna know the stressful process of pre-production?! Well, take it from Joey, he hates it but I'd like to think that pre-planning is what helps us finish our productions on time! Please support our Indiegogo to finish our series! 

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Hype Dunk Nation Mix, Hand.Gun & BTS!

We have a HYPE highlight tape of the ASDO Dunk Nation team: PGFaizu, DJFliphop, MiggyMigz! 
For the Dunk Nation Youtube Video Season 2 and consideration for sponsorship. We wanted to make a video that is focused more on team play rather than a highlight video of a single player. 
DWANG! Check it out below! Also, check out Episode 4 of the team's plays!

Shot | Cut by PGFaizu
Music mixed by DJFliphop



With the release of Kingsman 2, we wanted to take a shot at it with our own brand of action! Who better to play the gunman, but GUN CHO! How we wish our childhood gunfights were this epic! Thank you so much to our awesome stunt guys that were a part of this silliness!

Kamen Ramen Studios:
Team Red:
Team One Take:
At Home with a Geek:

Of course, we had to have our Hey Pham! Friday highlighting the BTS of Hand.Gun! And what better way to celebrate a wrap, but with some Jolibee. Check out the crew below! 


Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU GUYS! We know we're not really that big of a channel, nor the most popular, but we are thankful that to be here and to have grown so much because of the support of all our fans! Whether it be 5 or 5000 of you guys, the fact you believed in us enough to hit the subscribe button means the world to us! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, and please stay! We're only growing better as a Youtube group and as a family. Hope we see you guys still here at the next milestone video :D Time to pop some store branded soda!

Dunk Nation Ep.3, Indiegogo & J1-Con!

We continue our Whatever Wednesday Dunk Nation 3x3 Ladder team plays with PGFaizu, DJFliphop, and MiggyMigz! BUCKETS! Check it out Episode 3 below!

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Dn3x3 website:

The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP Story is an 8 episode action comedy web series produced by yours truly! We aim to bring you:
- Awesome fight scenes in the style of old school Shaw Brothers Hong Kong action choreography
- A feel good story that any age can enjoy
- And the humor and laughs you all have come to know from Art School Dropouts.

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Hey Pham! Art School Dropouts is back at J1-Con! A new venue and new faces! We were able to share our experiences, growth, and of course our con worthy cosplay fan film of "The Legend of Korra: A New Beginning." Thanks to Jason for throwing such an awesome con and letting us have a panel!