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Heroes of the Storm Ep.2, Samurai Gunman & BTS!

Another rousing week of HOTS with Tin, Gun, Pat, and Joey! Heroes of the Storm is a cool alternative to League of Legends which focuses more so objectives to gain the advantage on the other team. If you haven't tried it out, play a few games and let us know what you think. 

"I do not kill with my gun.
Those who kill with their gun has forgotten the face of their father.

I kill with my heart."

Thank you to our Patrons for making this short action piece a reality! We wouldn't have been able to make this without you guys!

Also thank you to Eric Fuchs and Andrew Kim of the awesome
Kamen Ramen Studios:

for being a part of this, as well as Sifu Brian Kuttel:

and our All Dressed chips eating champion of the Canada, DL MacDonald:

We've been super busy the past few weeks here at Art School Dropouts, so Steph's kind of laid low on the Pham Fridays....but it'll pick back up! We got a lot in store for you guys so that means there's a lot of vlogs as well!

Here's how we made Samurai Gunman! Joey, Steph, Angela, Brian and DL take a trip to Washington Township Lake Park to film in the woods. It took two days of filming due to inclement weather, but we were able to pull it off! Wouldn't be an ASDO behind the scenes without some laughter! 

"Loving U" Cast Commentary , Heroes of the Storm & 5 Dollar Mondays!

Sit down with the ASDO family and enjoy watching our Korean Drama of the year, "Loving U." Our female lead, Serena, final gets to watch the fully produced Korean drama music video. She was shocked to see that she actually got married! HAHA! One of the most genuine and cutest reactions seen. We're glad that she loved the film. Hopefully, you guys will be seeing more of her in future videos. 

We aren't the Heroes they need, we're the Heroes they deserve. Joey, Tin, Pat, and Gun team up to play Heroes of the Storm. Will ASDO be victorious in protecting their core? Will the heroes be victorious?

Smoothie King has made its way into the Art School Dropouts regular diet. As you can see, we have two awesome guests that flew in to help us with a big, secret project for you guys!

One is an old friend of Joey's who is a stuntman in Canada, DL MacDonald of Eclipse Stunts:

And another kung fu colleague of his, Sifu Kuttel:

We've been harping about this secret project but it is soooo close to finishing! Stay tuned guys, and while you're waiting, drop by Smoothie King for a drink!

Team Red VS ASDO (Tekken 7) & Loving U Korean Music Video!

Team Red Production ( visits us and while on downtime, we got some Tekken in! Joey and Joseph battle to see who is victorious in a game of Tekken 7. Angela and Alex even join in on some of the fun, too! Who's going to take bragging rights? Team Red or ASDO?!?!?

And here it is, AFTER 4 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

Joey wrote this story around 4 years ago for Gun after he heard the amazing rendition of Loving U by Mikey (, but after seeing the concept scenes, his girlfriend at the time didn't like him shooting this video. And after that, there were a bunch of actresses that just felt through during or before production of this short... He started losing faith in being able to make this movie.

Anyways, it took 4 years, but he's found the right girl for this role. Much thanks for Serena for letting bring to life a vision of love that he's had on paper for years. Guess all of those failed times with all of those actresses was just a guiding light to meet Serena :) Hope you guys enjoy this drama as much as we have filming it!

Also, if you guys would like to hear more about the productions of our films and sketches, consider being a Patron on our Patreon page! Patrons have access to exclusive behind the scenes content like previz and storyboards and just general look behind the camera and into production life of Joey and Steph!

Ping Pong, Korean Drama & Pham-ily Vacay!

You thought Wii Tennis was competitive.. just wait for Wii Table Tennis! PING PONG with the MOTION PLUS--- HYPE! With more accurate movements, the team faces off one on one to find out who is the ping pong champion. Shiet gets serious!

OH SNAP, ART SCHOOL DROPOUTS MADE A KOREAN DRAMA SHORT?! July 20th is the release of a near and dear project of Director Senpai. It's been 4-years since the conception of the initial idea, and finallythi

Steph takes a much-needed R&R from all the work grind! Guess where the Pham family is going? ARUBA! Join Steph and her family on a vacay enjoying the beautiful beaches and oceans of Aruba. 

Wii Tennis, Tifa Bloopers & Grounds for Sculpture!

Hey, it's summer! Time to do some outdoor sports or something! Wait, it's too hot! Let's just stay inside and play some fake outdoor sports on the Wii! Whatever Wednesday is a face-off between ASDO family members: Mom and Gun, Tin and Pat, Director Senpai and Intern! Steph apparently has never played Wii... and TODAY, that changes. Which team will dominate and win bragging rights? ***SLICE***

Bloopers from last Thursday's video of Steph cosplaying as the bad ass Tifa. For as legit as this fight scene was, there were some good laughs in between. Thanks for our Patreons for completely backing this project! We wouldn't be able to do AT LEAST one good production a month! If you guys are considering in helping us out, please think about checking out our Patreon page! Patreon exclusive shows for backers and other perks!

Mom takes us on a photo shoot at the lovely Grounds for Sculpture with Robert Undi! Seems that Steph isn't the only one model today on this shoot. Check out the video and beautiful scenery.