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Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU GUYS! We know we're not really that big of a channel, nor the most popular, but we are thankful that to be here and to have grown so much because of the support of all our fans! Whether it be 5 or 5000 of you guys, the fact you believed in us enough to hit the subscribe button means the world to us! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, and please stay! We're only growing better as a Youtube group and as a family. Hope we see you guys still here at the next milestone video :D Time to pop some store branded soda!

Dunk Nation Ep.3, Indiegogo & J1-Con!

We continue our Whatever Wednesday Dunk Nation 3x3 Ladder team plays with PGFaizu, DJFliphop, and MiggyMigz! BUCKETS! Check it out Episode 3 below!

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Dn3x3 website:

The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP Story is an 8 episode action comedy web series produced by yours truly! We aim to bring you:
- Awesome fight scenes in the style of old school Shaw Brothers Hong Kong action choreography
- A feel good story that any age can enjoy
- And the humor and laughs you all have come to know from Art School Dropouts.

Please consider donating and helping us reach our goal! 


Hey Pham! Art School Dropouts is back at J1-Con! A new venue and new faces! We were able to share our experiences, growth, and of course our con worthy cosplay fan film of "The Legend of Korra: A New Beginning." Thanks to Jason for throwing such an awesome con and letting us have a panel! 

Dunk Nation Ladder Play Ep.2, Vietglish and HK Stuntman? & BTS ( I NEED A HERO)

The ASDO "Dream Team" is back on Whatever Wednesday making baskets and earning some W's.  Check out DJFliphop, Miggymigz, and PGFaizu's amazing plays in the video below.  Laugh Emoji? (Laugh Emoji)

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Dn3x3 website:

Starting off this month RIGHT! We wanted to make something fun for you guys so here is a Kung Fu Musical! This is a small tribute to all of the 90's Hong Kong action movies that we grew up watching...

and who else to do it with but Kayla from Vietglishfun! 

and one of Joey's inspirations of wanting to do kung fu movies, Bobby Samuels,
a student of Sammo Hung!

Might as well do a tribute to 90's Hong Kong action with someone who was in the genre of its time! And guys, we're almost close to the big 5k! If you like our videos, please consider sharing them with friends and hope they like it too! Also, this isn't a paid advertisement of Kung Fu Tea, we just support the brands that we love :D (but we wouldn't mind getting paid though, lol)

Did you guys like I Need A Hero? Well, here's a behind the scenes look on all the zaniness that it takes to make that video. Also, Joey gets sappy, it gets good :D

Dunk Nation Ladder Team Play, Intern VS Fly & Disco Ball Photoshoot

Episode one of Dunk Nation 3x3 is out! Follow DJFliphop, Miggymigz, PGFaizu (AKA Director Senpai) take to the court and play some ball. Is this the dream team we've been waiting for? Check it out in the link below and if you like the game it's out on iOS and Android! 

Dn3x3 website:

Electric fly swatters make killing fly pests so much more interesting, but then again Intern doing anything is simply interesting, haha. She takes her fly swatting abilities to NINJA LEVEL! Hopefully, she didn't zap herself too hard. 

Hey, Pham! Mom's at Robert Undi's again for a sparkly photo shoot. DISCO BALL! Steph makes a beautiful "tin lady," haha! Must have taken a while to get all the glitter and paint off, but I bet the photos came out gorgeous! Check out the BTS below. 

HOTS Ep.4, Dunk Nation, Talking Heads & Lucia Lash!

Our final episode of HOTS for Whatever Wednesday! After hours of honing their battle skills and devising the best strategy, the ASDO boys are a killer team in Heroes of the Storm! Bring victory to Art School Dropouts and defend our core!

Joey (PGFaizu) and his friend, DJFliphop (Pro-Smash Player and awesome DJ) have been playing all the variations of Freestyle Street Basketball since 2004 and here they are again playing another version on it on mobile....AND THEY'RE ADDICTED AGAIN! Check it out!


Get the game here:
Dn3x3 website:

If you're a filmmaker or director or have a love for cinematography, take a look at our comedic sketch of the week. Talking heads are dope, lol. A little film humor to brighten your day! Big thanks to DL MacDonald of Eclipse Stunts and Sifu Brian Kuttel! 

Like some asian girls, Stephanie has short Asian eye lashes so she got them done at Lucia Lash! After a couple hours of work. BA BA BOOM! Gorgeous lashes that will last a while! Check out the process on this week's "Hey Pham! Friday" and head over there to get your pair of beautiful lashes.