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That's HYPE! (Forgotten Kingdom Episode 4) & The Start of Filming (BTS)!

The story continues! Joey's friends try to help him out by suggesting a solution, learn how to LARP and kill the King to banish them from the land! But before all of that, Joey must learn the rules and Pat knows exactly the way to get Joey to learn how to play! Until next week!

So, you guys might have seen this before, but it's actually updated! This was our first day of filming, and we update an old video! The first time Pat and Joey shot this, it was a test for the project WAY before even Steph and Angela were part of the team. Now, with the resources in hand, ASDO was able to update and highlight the fight for how it is. 

Freestyle Online, the LARP Story Continues & Meet the LARPers!

This week on Whatever Wednesday, Director Senpai has a throwback video long before Dunk Nation was known as Dunk Nation... We're taking it to the streets with Freestyle Online (Sierra)! On their courts were born and unstoppable duo, Smiles and Southstar.  While this video was edited almost 10 years ago... it's still pretty hype! Check out the OG team in the video below. 


Joey's attempt to go to the police doesn't work as it is a public park...and the King uses this to rub it in more. Joey finally cracks and snaps at the King and his merry band of LARPers but what if Joey isn't all that different from the King?


We wouldn't have been able to make our web series without our wonderful actors and actresses! We wanna thank everyone one that was part of our most grueling day because it was incredibly hot! Even our camera was overheating every 10 minutes! Anyways, we'd also like to thank Corriander of Voorhees ( for graciously catering our production (for free!) because it made our day so much better with awesome dishes!

Check it out in the link below! 

DEFEAT THE MEATBALL, The Forgotten Kingdom Ep.2 & The HARDEST Filming day BTS!


We are back here to face the meatball monster terrorizing the city. With all the dishes and skill sets we acquired, we are ready to serve justice! Our teamwork and patience are tested more than ever. Sit back in the chopper and get your fire extinguishers ready! Watch the ASDO crew play the final level in this world of Overcooked! 

The story continues! 

Joey finally has had enough of the screaming and yelling of the local LARPers during his Tai Chi classes so he decides to confront them...

Only to be met with the leader of the group, The King. 

And the King isn't too pleased meeting Joey either. What can Joey do to get rid of these guys? 

Until next week! Watch episode 2 below.  

Episode 2 was fun to film, but also a whole lot of work. With all the extras and scenes we had planned, it was ASDO'sbusiest production day. From catering to coordinating people, we were swamped. However, this was probably one of the most rewarding days. than you to the extras that came out to support the film. Thank you to Corriander for helping to cater part of the food. Thank you, Epic Armoury again for donating some of the weapons used in this series. Check out the BTS, all the craziness, and fun, in the link below!

Overcooked Ep.2, The Forgotten Kingdom Ep.1 & Working with Vincent Lyn!

We went fro normal kitchens to Antartica and space! Overcooked is teaching us to be Iron Chefs in the weirdest places. It's also teaching us how to control headaches and anger, haha! After countless slips and rocketing around the universe, it seems we have cleared this stage of our training. Hopefully next week we'll be able to tackle the giant meatball monster!!! Check it out in the link below.

"What do you mean like... RIGHT NOW???"
AND the FIRST EPISODE of our web series is here!

Meet Joey, a Tai Chi instructor at the local park. After meeting up with his best "bro," Steph, he has to undergo an impromptu physical test with his Sifu (cameo appearance by Ex-Jackie Chan stuntman Vincent Lyn). The swift exchanged left Joey slightly beaten and winded, but he still managed to pass his certification test. One problem down... BUT there are these group of LARPers still causing him trouble. UNTIL NEXT WEEK... (after Steph grabs a bite to eat...)

Watch Episode 1 below! 

We really hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP Story! It was really awesome to get to work with Hong Kong star, Vincent Lyn. Check out the advice and knowledge he gives us! 

Overcooked, Kung Fu Test Fight & HELL MONTH!

This week on Whatever Wednesday, Joey, Steph, Angela, and Timmy are playing Overcooked! The team is out in the world honing their culinary skills to save the world from the meatball menace! This game is sure to give you headaches and anger issues, but definitely a whole lot of FUN! The group's coordination and patience were put to the test, but so far they're holding strong. Check out the first episode below!

So while Sifu Brian Kuttel was down, we thought it be a fantastic opportunity to have our good friend Sifu Sharif visit, too. What do you get when you have three Kung Fu stylists in the same area? A dope ass kung fu fight scene! Check it out as Sifu Brian and Joey face off with Sifu Sharif. Those two are definitely brave to fight a man that most would break their fist hitting!

Last minute preparations before we go into this web-series HARDCORE! We are going to be filming every day for a full month with call times at 4 am every day. WE ALMOST DIED. Also, this is a LONG ONE, fam. We really wanna show you how much work we put into productions like this, even if some people just think it's *just* Youtube. Be proud of your work and give it your all! Please support our Indiegogo to finish our series!