Art School Dropouts LLC

Birth Through Action. Everything and Nothing.


Services we offer

As a digital media group, we work on our weekly content but we offer other services. All of our talent and crew are available for hire.

For inquiries and rates, e-mail us at


Production jobs

Looking for a production team for your next film, video project or event? The Art School Dropouts production crew is FOR HIRE! Our team has an array of skills to offer.

  • Talent (Acting/Stunts)
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Fight Choreography & Action Consulting
  • Production Management
  • Weddings & Events


Curious how we do what we do? Art School Dropouts holds exclusive Film Fight Workshops where we will teach you how we make our action scenes from our videos. 

Our workshops include:

  • BASICS for film fight choreography from punches and kicks to reactions. Depending on experience levels, we can show you the fundamentals to more advance techniques. 
  • BEHIND the camera skills! We’ll teach you how we personally shoot certain fight scenes and why we choose the angles that we do.

*Note* We aren’t a stunt school. Our workshops aren’t solely focused on performance but the whole production. We teach how ASDO do what we do on YouTube: the basics of how to plan, execute, shoot, AND edit an action scene ASDO style.

Learn and take what you can from our methods to further progress your own!



Art School Dropouts welcomes new faces! We’re always up to collaborate with others. We welcome new ideas and new perspectives. Whether you act, fight, or do behind the scenes work, hit us up! If you want to be part of our sketches, fight scenes, and projects, don’t be shy and message us. Let’s make some awesome videos!