ASDO Productions


sHORT fILMS/Web series/Features

Whether it is a 2 minute short film, an 8 episode web series or a 2 hour feature, we can help you get it done!

We are a full service production company with a YouTube flair to the way we work.



Fight Scene Development & Action Consulting

We specialize in action! It can be weapons choreography or hand-to-hand fight scenes, give us examples, describe your vision and we will develop the fight for you.


- Previz video: We will storyboard the whole fight that you can use as a road map to shoot your action scenes. We will show you what the scene will look like, the choreography and the angles and shots we would have done.

- Action Director: We will work with you during rehearsals, choreography development, and be there on set during production to help advise the talent on performance and safety. We will also direct you on how best to shoot the scene.