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You have an idea? Great!

Let us help you develop your concept further so you can best tell your story. We not only want to create a visually beautiful project but we want to help you appeal to your brand, audience and goals.




Whether you have a half million dollar budget or 5k, we work closely with you to give you the best results for your money. Art School Dropouts will scale the scope to work within your budget needs.



Script writing

Once we have a concept down, we will work with you on a script to fit your vision and budget.

This is where we bring the inspiration, or the humor, or the emotion that helps to connect the story to your audience.


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storyboarding & previsualization videos

During this stage, you will follow us as we make a full low scale version of your project. This is where you can see your entire vision prior to the real shoot days. It will act as your road map to completing your film.



Shotlist development & Scheduling

Once the storyboard and pre-viz stage is complete, we can complete a full shotlist of the film and plan for principal filming.

We would need talent, crew, locations, crafties, props, wardrobe and more. Planning is key!