5 FAQs about Yes, Auntie!

Why did you create My Asian Auntie & Yes, Auntie! ?

As Asian Americans, we’re all aware that the values and insights of our elders come from another time and another place. Though they might be foreign and outdated, they also gave us that unique outlook on modern day life in a simpler time. With My Asian Auntie, we simply just flipped the concept a bit to fit the comedy, action, and love that the Art School Dropouts are known to give. We just took a joke and ran really, really far with it. And we’re happy to give you guys this web series.

How many people were involved in the making of this web series?

“This was Art School Dropouts’ biggest web series yet! Cast incorporated 30  people. As for behind the scenes work, the 3-man power house team (Joey, Steph, and Angela) were primarily behind camera, working lights, sound, and boom. We did manage to have an extra hand on set for certain days  thanks to Josh Videna and Andrew Kim.”

Bobby is a riot to work together on set! It’s hard not to laugh when he’s cracking jokes. While Bobby isn’t in front of the camera that often like he use to during his stuntman years, the man still can move! It’s an honor to see a legend at work and see the experience this man has.

What was it like working with Bobby Samuels?

Will Auntie be back again for another season?

Depends! If people want to have Auntie back again, we might have to make arrangements for a season 3! We have introduced there is a possibility to run into other Aunties. However, we haven’t delved deep into the origins of Auntie. People ask how many aunties are out there? How did Auntie become the way she is? Auntie and Niece always seem to find themselves in a random adventure. Who knows? Maybe there’s another crazy action packed story in the works.

Where can I watch “Yes, Auntie!”?

While the web series will be released to the public on our youtube channel (www.youtube.com/artschooldropouts), we are doing an early access release for anyone that can’t wait to see the whole show! We’re going the full DVD release special from director and cast commentary, to bloopers and behind the scenes! The funds raised will be going back into production to help pay for the cost of the web series and future channel projects!


My Asian Auntie - Season 2
Yes, Auntie!