Art School Dropouts is thankful for all the people involved in this project. You can learn more about them in the bios below.
Thank you to the amazing talent in front of the screen and off!


Robert (Bobby) samuels

Robert Samuels began his film career in Hong Kong in the 90s under Sammo Hung - the only African American member of the Sammo Hung Stunt team. He has worked for many in Hong Kong and became the only African American member of the Hong Kong Stuntman association.

Later Samuels returned to the United States serving as second unit director for some of the biggest musical acts in the business: Paula Cole, DMX, Dru Hill, Metallica, Mos Def, and a host of other musical Talents. He and his partner, Robert Jefferson, launched their own Production Company in 2015 R4FILMS LLC. Samuels recently served as Director of the multimillion-dollar budgeted film ‘MADE IN CHINATOWN.’ He has recently returned in front of the camera for Art School Dropouts' first feature-length Action series by Director Joey Min titled "YES AUNTIE,” scheduled for a 2019 release date. He has also signed on to do a new serious action-adventure to be announced at HBO/CINEMAX by Art School Dropouts Productions.


Leroy Nguyen

Leroy Nguyen was born in Alexandria, VA. His filmmaking passion began when he received his first video camera at the age of 17, where he started off making fight scenes in his backyard with his cousins that were inspired by (or take directly from) Jackie Chan films. Soon after discovering the works of directors like Sammo Hung, Takeshi Kitano, and Takashi Miike (among many, many others), Leroy discovered what his goal was in life. Striving to meld stories that contain sincere, authentic human drama with compellingly grounded fight scenes, Leroy continues to take notes from his heroes and mentors while developing his own artistic calling card. Leroy has his own youtube channel called Rising Tiger Films, and also works closely with Team Red Pro.



Joey Min is the creative mastermind behind the YouTube channel/production company Art School Dropouts. With a specialized focus on comedic action in the likes of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, Joey Min has developed a stylistic approach to filmmaking that he takes to their YouTube channel every week. In their short Youtube career, Joey and his team has had the opportunity to choreograph for legendary Hong Kong action stars, like Bobby Samuels and Vincent Lyn. Even with multiple award winning short films and web series, Joey Min and his YouTube group still continue to push their skills with every new video that they release.


Stephanie Pham

Stephanie Pham is a Vietnamese-American actress, model, martial artist, and co-owner of Art School Dropouts. Stephanie has dedicated most of her life through training Taekwon-do at Red Tiger Taekwon-do and is a 4th degree black belt. Her experience through martial arts has earned her numerous awards such as medaling at the ITF World Championships in Argentina. As a graduate of the University of the Sciences with a Bachelors of Science degree in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business, she has a very strong business sense coupled with exceptional leadership and organizational skills.  Armed with these skills, she utilizes her management abilities towards Art School Dropouts productions. Her stern ways earned her the nickname "Mom" by the Art School Dropouts team.


Robert L. Jefferson, Jr.
AKA “Jefferson”

Robert L. Jefferson, Jr., is an American writer, filmmaker, actor, and martial artist. After receiving formal training at New York University’s Tisch film program, as well as at Philadelphia’s prestigious Freedom Theatre, he furthered his training by apprenticing under Hong Kong action star and action director, Bobby Samuels, during which time he filled many different roles from production to camera department, stunt work and acting.

Robert has worked with and for such talents Mos Def, Dru Hill, and the WWF. He has acted in several features, short films and plays. Also a capable editor he has also helped shape material for several live events as well being producer and Chief Film Editor for R4 Films.


Angela Jordan
AKA “Angelo”

Angela Jordan is a Filipino - American actress, stuntwoman, martial artist and co-owner of the YouTube channel/production company, Art School Dropouts. She has been training in the martial arts since five years of age and graduated at nine years old with her Jr. black belt with honors from Amerikick. She continued to train in the art of American Kenpo Karate and has earned a 2nd Dan black belt under Nick Dougherty and Preston Conyers. From there she has delved into other martial arts styles such as Muay Thai and Judo. Angela originally started as an intern of the group (hence the nickname “Intern”), but now has moved up since graduating with a B.S. in Entrepreneurship from Rowan University, and handles a lot of the business creatives and back office duties of the company.


Sharif anel-beY

Sifu Sharif Anael-Bey is 4th generation from China's hero, Wong Fei Hung, and direct disciple of Grand Master Frank Yee. Sifu Bey began his martial arts training at age 5, studying Tai Kwon Do and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He was introduced to Hung Ga Kung Fu in 1984. In 1989 Sifu Bey met and began following Grandmaster  Frank Yee Chee Wai (Frank Yee). After years of dedicated study, practice and participation, Sifu Sharif was invited to participate in the Bai See ceremony and in 2000 became a disciple of Grandmaster Yee Chee Wai. In 2000 Sifu Bey began to teach in Syracuse NY, opening the Syracuse Branch of Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association in 2002.  

Sifu Bey serves as 2nd Vice Chairman of the Governing Board of Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association.  He continues to serve as Grandmaster Yee's Upstate NY representative, teaching Traditional Hung Ga Kung Fu, Lion Dance, Traditional Medicine, Qigong, and training world-class competitive full-contact fighters.

Other Cast & Crew Members of Yes, Auntie!

Josh Videna - pa/talent
Gun Cho - talent
Patrick Banzali -talent
Tin Dang -talent
Ger Montalvo - talent
Orlando Cruz - stunts
Johnny Wang - TALENT/stunts
Geoffrey Boggs - stunts
Eric Fuchs -talent/stunts
Kyle Dawson - stunts
Andrew Kim - talent/stunts/cam OP
Hector Soria - talent/stunts
Anthony Scanish - stunts
Samuel Lee - stunts
Kevin Sanidad - stunts
Gee Javier - talent/stunts
Michael Willmann - talent
Marc Morton - talent/stunts
Moses Opawumi - talent
Jose Rodriguez - stunts
Rebecca Hargrove - talent
Tarell Bullock - stunts
DL Macdonald - talent
Alexandra Pozon - marketing team


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