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Meet the asdo family


Joey Min

AKA Director Senpai

Senpai, notice me?

More like notice Senpai. Joey is our creative genius behind all of our shoots. He writes, shoots, choreographs, and edits. He basically does everything. And after a long day of exhausting that genius brain of his, he always needs a massage. It is customary in our group that we all walk on his back until he falls asleep. 

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Stephanie Pham


Mom... Mom... MOM! 

As the mom of the group, Steph handles a lot! She is our producer, production manager, bookings, castings, and everything business. Odds are, you'll be in communication with Mom. Not only does she manage all us kids, but she models and acts on top of everything! So check out her photos and other social media!

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Angela jordan

AKA Intern

Or The One That Cannot Hold Her Sh*t Together

Angela is so into martial arts, she practically trains in her sleep. She loves sweets and gets hyper... A lot! She originally started as an intern under Mom but now has moved up and handles a lot of the business creatives for the group. She has been a huge driving force for the group and became our little sister. 

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AKA Skype Slut

Dang Tin, them puns though!

Yup! You guessed it. Tin is our pun master and our very own cosplayer. He is also "master chef" during our home, Korean BBQ nights. Fun fact, Tin is also color blind but he still handles a lot of our creative supplements like designing banners and business cards. Yeah, we know we should delegate to someone else but Tin is pulling it off so well!

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AKA The Idol

Welcome to the Gun Show!

In all seriousness, Gun naturally poses like a KPop Star. His laugh is contagious and he sleeps like a cat - any time, any where. If you ever see Gun, just make sure you don't call out his name. We have made that mistake a few times. He is the first member of the group to have his very own Facebook Fan Club. Want to join the Gun Fan Club? Check it out here!

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Patrick Banzali

AKA It's Pat Time

I'm hungry, I'm tired. I just want to go home!

Dancer and martial arts badass! Pat is tough but also a big sweetheart! When it comes to a game of Betrayal, Pat will gladly sacrifice himself by strapping on a bomb and taking out the betrayer. That's goals right there! Little do you all know, Pat was actually a student of Director Senpai and was in his videos long before any of us.  

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ASDO Action Team:

  • Gee 'Lil Bomb' Jay
  • Andrew Kim
  • Moses Opawumi
  • Eric Fuchs
  • Hector Soria
  • Kevin Sanidad
  • Joseph Le
  • Mike Sun
  • Sharif Anael-Bey