Featured locations

Art School Dropouts is grateful to have shot on some fantastic locations!
Thank you to the owners for your support!

Webb Fitness MMA.png

WEbB’s Fitness & MMA
-Turnersville, NJ

Thank you to Jonavin Webb for allowing us to use Webb’s Fitness & MMA for our MMA gang brawl scene in our web series. Webb’s offers fantastic martial arts and fitness classes. Check out their fantastic location in Turnersville, NJ!

House of Blues AC.jpg

The Showboat (The House of Blues)
- Atlantic City, NJ

Thank you to the Showboat Hotel for allowing us to film at the famous House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ! We were able to film our final fight where so many legendary artists have performed thanks to the supportive staff. If you are planning a stay in Atlantic City, be sure to check out the Showboat for great deals!

The Photocoop.png

The Photocoop
-LittleFalls, NJ

Thank you to the Photocoop for allowing us to use their location for our gun fight scene. The Photocoop has many spaces for photographers to use for their photography work! Be sure to visit their site to see the other spaces they to offer!


The Reading Pagoda
- Reading, pa

Thank you to our friends, Maverick Rogues for recommending this great film location! Fun fact, this Pagoda was used in the Last Airbender movie