(21) Summer Anime Part 2 & Drive By Hentai

Episode Notes

Today's podcast is all about the summer shows that Joey and Tin continue with. Plus as a bonus we recorded in the car while on a drive to just talk about our current lives outside of the anime world.

NSFW: The hentai series I mentioned are Alice in Sexland (Mashumaro Jyuubaori), Nosewasure (Shiwasu No Okina), & Witchcraft (Yamatogawa). Obviously won’t link that shit so you’ll have to look it up yourself.

Series Talked About

  1. Dr. Stone

  2. Fire Force

  3. Jojo Part 5

  4. Granbelm

  5. El Melloi Case Files

  6. Vinland Saga

  7. Tower of God

  8. Kengan Ashura Plus read it too!

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Stephanie Pham