(15) Spring Anime First Impressions

Episode Notes

Welcome back to Anime Dropouts, and today's podcast covers spring 2019 anime first impressions along with news during April and May! Check the bottom for detailed notes as well!

News Mentioned

  1. Hundreds of anime songs are now available on Spotify! Here’s a link to the Aniplaylist. Over 600 different songs and adding, so it’s a good time to finally have some official music.

  2. The Konosuba movie will be out in late August this year! I’m really excited for it, and I’m hoping it eventually gets launched into a third season of Konosuba if the movie does well in box office ratings.

  3. Granbelm’s first 10 minutes are out to watch! This one looks very promising with the character designer and director of Re:Zero on board, you can really tell from how the girls look. So far, with the 2D-mecha and high quality of animation, I can see this becoming a really popular show in the future. Shojo looking Gundams? Sign me up!

  4. Vinland Saga is slated to be a 24 episode anime series. It has an extremely dedicated following, and it has the possibility to break the Western barrier like Attack on Titan was able to. It’s not much of a surprise that it’s going to be under Wit Studio as well, since they are currently working on Attack on Titan Part 2 which is really fun so far. At first the story felt a little confusing, but now AoT is just pure hype and being able to see the pay-off after the foundation of the story is set. Vinland Saga follows Thorfinn, a young Viking that learned to battle from an early age. The story revolves around him trying to avenge his slain father.

  5. Gun Personification. I don’t think I’d ever be able to say something this dumb, but No Guns Life looks hype as fuck. From the preview, it looks like a noir-style anime following a detective that has a gun for a head. This one’s under studio Madhouse, and I’m feeling like this will come out of left field and sweep everything if it’s done well.

Stephanie Pham