(10) February News & Shield Hero, Dororo, & Promised Neverland Pt. 2

Episode Notes

Welcome back to Anime Dropouts, and today's podcast is all about February news updates, plus we'll be continuing on with Shield Hero, Dororo, and Promised Neverland. We'll be trying to keep up with other shows too so we can discuss more next time!

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News Mentioned

  1. Made in Abyss: Journey's Dawn Movie Dates!

  2. Danmachi movie and second season

  3. My Husband's Penis Won't Fit

  4. Fruits Basket Trailer

  5. Fruits Basket in theater

  6. Ryan Reynolds in Isekai!?

Shows Mentioned

  1. Rising of the Shield Hero

  2. The Promised Neverland

  3. Dororo

News Sound Effects by FreeSound.org

Thank you for the voice lines Kuroshi_Michi

And as always, thank you Moe Shop for your amazing music!

Stephanie Pham